microfiction-madnessMore than powerless: feckless. More than feckless: foolish.
Not foolish: mere spot on a distant edge of

A thousand galaxies, I spin off into the ever-expanding Universe.
The past gone, future unfurled: recklessly it tumbles.
A dark star.

Pallid hands, empty of even the tiniest drop.
Alone and side-by-side around the dark star,
We grow smaller as the Universe bloats
Speck to tinier speck.

A hand nudges mine
Nods and smiles hope.
My other hand reaches to the one beside me.
A wave of brilliant light connects one to the other.
We remember there is power in numbers.

Vote, dammit.

© Liz Husebye Hartmann (2016)

You are suddenly granted a superpower. In 100 words or less tell me what it is, and how you got it


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